Guru Smriti – Shri Veerasree Sami Gurukkal

23 May 2020

We celebrate Guru Smriti on 23rd of May every year, in memory of Late Shri Veerasree Sami Gurukkal – founder of Hindustan Kalari Sangam, Guru and father of Shri Lakshmanan Gurukkal, who gave up his physical body on 23rd May, 2006.

Born Shri Karuppan and Smt. Valli, Sami Gurukkal in Calicut, he was the second of three children.  Having developed an interest in Kalaripayattu very early in life, he learned the art under Govindankutty Nambiar, disciple of Shri Kottakkal Kanaran Gurukkal, and one of the warriors who played a role in the revival of Kalaripayattu during the freedom movement.

Having established Hindustan Kalari Sangam in 1952, he devoted his life to revival and development of Kalaripayattu and Kalari Chikitsa.  He was also a Sri Vidya upasaka and he has passed on this heritage to all his children who continue in his footsteps.

Veerasree Sami Gurukkal believed that Kalaripayattu could be transformational in nature, building discipline and character in the youth of Kerala, and was keen on spreading this knowledge to the youth of the country.  We, at Kalarigram, observe this day in his memory and rededicate ourselves to preserving and promoting this ancient martial art form.

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