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01 Mar – 11 Mar, 2021
Theme: Neelakantha – our power of transformation

Every year Tantrotsav, the annual community festival, organizes herself around a contemplation, an inspiration, an aspect of spiritual practice. Bringing together practitioners, researchers, and artists across forms. Last year, was Ardhanarreshwara. Dwelling on the dance of the sun and the moon, the ida and the pingla as they make their way towards the nectar of anandam, where shiva and shakti unite into Ardhanareeshwara. And as we recognize the shiva-shakti at play with us, the conditioned lines of me and the other, this and that, labels, identities, start to blur and blend and fade. Light and lightness start surging in. Yet. This light is not without its shadow. Neelakantha is about transformation of the shadow in this quest for light, finding the nectar that is within the poison. It is an invitation to contemplate the art, science, practices of distilling light out of dark times.

When devas and asuras churned the Meruparvath for the nectar of immortality – not only nectar, poison also emerged in the churning. Poison so potent that it can end all creation. It is this burning poison that the Shiva consciousness swallows to contain its spread. Parvathi his consort, grabs his throat and the most lethal of poisons stops there, at his throat. pause. Shivarathri. As Shiva closes his eyes, to assimilate and transform the darkest of depths.And we, awaken. In moonlight.

Tantrotsav 2021. Neelakantha, inspiring and reminding us of that power of transformation we hold to find our light within, no matter how dark dark the moment.

Calling out to artists, researchers, fellow-seekers to connect.

We are making it happen together!

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